Relate To God In The Spirit. Written by Manashantii.  Sunday 16th June 2019

Prayer is more than just a ritual; prayer is reprogramming of your Spirit and communication with God. To relate to God you have build up your faith in God and believe in Him, The Holy Spirit. Connect with God by praying to God in conversation and in the Spirit. Know your destiny. Do not be distracted by the devil who uses people to manipulate your heart and soul and Spirit. Forgive those that hurt you or let you down, see my various articles on forgiveness on this website.

Write your thoughts and feelings down answering the following questions. In the end these are the things that matters:-  How well have you loved? How much have you loved? What is the destiny and the future condition of your soul? What is your relationship with God? Where you are going to spend eternity? Who do you belong to spiritually? How much did you learn from your experiences? How humble are you? Do you have an authentic and truthful relationship with God? Have you accepted God’s forgiveness? Have you accepted God’s love and God’s salvation? What is your relational experience with God? What is your Spiritual connection with God?

Fasting (if you can) combined with reading the Holy Bible re-awakens and renews your Spirit which prepares you for reunion with God. Reading the Holy Bible, Christian prayer and Spirit prayer (praying in the Holy Spirit or speaking in tongues) is a biochemical, neurological and spiritual experience and phenomenon, this as a result makes you able to discern God’s voice and connects you to the Spirit world. Some people relate to God in a ritualistic manner without knowing Him; your relationship with God is more important than archaic rituals. Do you know that your thoughts and feelings are an act of worship and therefore affects the essence of your relationship with God and your soul and your Spirit?

Prayer is faith filled Spiritual communication with God which connects you with the Spiritual realm and heals your soul. Your Spirit is your inner conscience and your intuition is connected to God. Develop your Spiritual relationship with God. Pray and praise God. The Spiritual realm is a higher state and deeper than the psychological. The psychological state is a physical state of the self and keeps you in the Earth realm; when you are in the psychological state you are in the physical you are not deeply in contact with God. Meet God in the Spiritual realm, God is a Spirit relate to God in the Spirit.

Reading The Holy Bible is one way of relating to God in the Spirit. Holy Bible is full of prophetic messages and prophetic knowledge from the Holy Spirit. Use the Holy Bible to guide you; read the Holy Bible in order to relate to God ; and always pray to God. Overcome blockages that stop you from relating to God. Fear and procrastination can be big psychological blocks that stop you from relating to God in the Spirit. Love others and forgive. Have faith and practice faith in action daily. In every moment walk in faith and listen to the voice of God and the Holy Spirit; Talk to the Holy Spirit, tell Him what you are thinking and feeling and what you are trusting in Him for. Be Holy Spirit led and faith led; talk and pray to God and seal your prayers with praises. Take every opportunity to increase your faith everyday and trust that God will support you. Live your life fearlessly, be faithfully bold, always trusting God.

Using the Holy Bible to pray scriptures is another way of relating to God. Praying in tongues is also another method to pray to God.

Pray in tongues by praying in the Spirit; see my article on How To Speak in Tongues and my article How To Pray and my article Manashantii’s Writing Method  and also my article on Daily Devotion  on this website.


John 4v24 Jesus said “God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.”