Sexual Abuse Books That I Recommend. By Manashantii Thursday 27th November 2014

The best book I have read on child sexual abuse is called ” Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Christiane Sanderson published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.” The author Christiane Sanderson explains in depth how the psychotherapist can understand the clients mind and how the psychotherapist can facilitate the clients healing. I have had a few psychotherapy sessions with Christiane she is a very competent therapist and has worked extensively with clients and the British police. I am the proud owner of two of her books which she signed for me. I have had one of her books since around 1991. This a psychotherapy based book.

2.The second book I recommend is “The wounded heart : Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Dr. Dan.B Allender. This is a Christian based book.

3.The third book is The wounded heart workbook for personal or group use. By Dan.B Allender

4. Breathe: Finding freedom to thrive in relationships after Childhood Sexual Abuse. Nicole Braddock Bromley.

5. Healing victims of Sexual Abuse : How to Counsel and Minister to hearts wounded by Abuse. Paula Sanford

6. Broken into beautiful: How God restores the wounded heart. Gwen Smith.

7. (Booklet) Recovering from child abuse- Healing and hope for victims.  David Powlison. New growth press. C.C.E.F Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.

8. Courage to heal. by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis (For Women)

9. Courage to heal workbook. by Laura Davis (For women and men)

10.Victims no longer by Mike Lew (For Men)

11. Cry hard and swim. Jacqueline Spring. Autobiography

12. The Obsidian mirror. Healing from childhood sexual abuse. by Louise M. Wisechild. Autobiography 

13. The assault on truth by Jeffrey (Mousaieff ) Masson. (I have met him before he is amazing )

14. Against therapy  by Jeffrey (Mousaieff ) Masson.

15. Final analysis by Jeffrey (Mousaieff ) Masson.