Things I Can Say To God When I Pray. 30th May 2013. Written by Manashantii

1. Today I Thank-you for …..

2a. Today I forgive myself for …..

2b. and Today I forgive…. (person (s) as you have forgiven me and I bless him/ her.

3a. Today I affirm my belief in You.  I believe … about You.  I believe ….. chapter/ story in The Holy Bible.

3b. I trust You God.

3c. I need You Lord.

4a. Today I praise You.

4b. God I respect Your sovereignty

5. I love you God. I love you everyday…Help me to love Divinely like you do. I pray for supernatural love to flow within me. I put my love into action every moment of the day. Amen.

6. Today I confess my sin(s) of …..

7. Today I pray for …. who are suffering

8. Today I pray for peace in all of the Middle East especially Israel. I pray for people to come to know the one true God and give their lives to Jesus Christ.

9. Today I pray for Thy Kingdom to come

10. Today I have read this (……..) in The Holy Bible and I accept it into my heart, may my faith in the Bible grow abundantly and my my belief in Jesus increase. Amen

11. Today I feel …..

12.Today I think ……

13. Jesus can You help me with ….. ?

14. Heavenly Father please give me guidance and direction for …..

15. I pray for our pastor(s) and my church members.

16. Pray for peace for people in North Korea and for the unification of North and South Korea.

17.Pray for peace everywhere in the world.

18.Pray for the return and second coming of Jesus Christ.

19. I pray for my inner pacifist to rule my heart, for God to guide my soul, and develop an ongoing love for the Bible.