6th March 2013.Written by Manashantii

Summary Of My Religious Journey. By Manashantii

My religious journey began when I used to babble as a toddler I remember feeling that I was babbling to God and therefore praying to God. I had a severe traumatic experience as a one and a half year old toddler and I stopped babbling. When I was about five years old I was taught to pray Sunni Muslim prayers. At age 6 to age 8 I was taken to church a total of three times with my mum and my maternal grandmother who was an Oddfellows lodge member. From nearly 8 years years old to 9 years old my maternal grandmother taught me the Jehovah’s witness Bible and after two years told me that I should be a Jehovah’s witness if I want to worship God, (Jehovah’ witness is a cult) a Freemason if I want to worship the devil or a Buddhist if I didn’t believe in God. During my three times in church as a child I was sent out to play with the other children during the service so I did not understand Christianity. I knew in my heart that Jehovah’s witness was a lie so I said no (nobody told me it was a lie at that age). So I started having an interest in Theravada and Zen Buddhism from age 8 until 33 so I was predominantly Buddhist for about 25 years. I also was experimented with Hinduism for 4 years.

I Manashantii today I am a Christian. I have explored and practised most religions except for Judaism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Shinto, African religions, any form of lodge membership and Baha’i. I was mostly practising Dogen Zen Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Hindu, Hindu Atheist, Humanist and Agnostic. My religious stance is now Christian and I intend to remain Pentecostal Christian.

My Christian journey started in 2001. In 2001-2003 I was a Quaker (Society of Friends) and a Theravada & Dogen Zen Buddhist. From 2003- to Early 2005 Theravada and Dogen Zen Buddhist. Late 2005 Joined Oddfellows lodge, and I was a paid member of Charles Hewitt Lodge, in North London, United Kingdom (I never attended any meetings) Summer 2006 I was asked via phone call to join Order of Women’s Freemasonry, in Pembridge Gardens, London W2 4EF and also the Honourable Fraternity of Ancients Freemasons in 402 Finchley road, North London, United Kingdom, to join Fortitude Lodge  (interview arranged via telephone but I later phoned to cancel the meeting after I prayed, I was never a member of Order of Women’s Freemasonry or Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons ) Mid 2005-2008 I was predominantly Christian (some experience with Jehovah’s witness and Seventh Day Adventist) with Buddhist phases about 2 months per year maximum. 2008-Mid 2012 Evangelical Christian with very brief Pentecostal phases. Mid 2012 – 24th March 2018 I was Pentecostal Christian. Since Sunday 25th March 2018 I now attend a Spirit-filled church.

I would like to thank United Christian Broadcasters (U.C.B.) for the emotional assistance given during my early stages of becoming a Christian. I was brought up by my maternal grandmother who was a Lady Freemason. I was a Theravada Buddhist amongst other religions most of my life. My grandmother arranged for me to become a lady Freemason and also to marry a Freemason, I refused. In 2005 a friend requested that U.C.B should send me a daily devotional. When I received the devotional I read it and I prayed the sinners prayer at the back of the devotional and I called the U.C.B. prayerline. The prayerline was really supportive and they helped me to find a good Bible based church in central London where I live. From 2005 to 2008 I would spend some time being a Theravada Buddhist and at times I would practice Christianity.   In 2008 I called U.C.B. prayerline again I spoke to a lady called Eunice who prayed a powerful intercessory prayer for me. Eunice and also a friend of mine encouraged me to continue reading the Bible in particular Romans 5 and Romans 8. Since that day I have remained Christian.

My maternal grandmother who parented me during some of my childhood was a lady Freemason and later a member of Oddfellows lodge which are elite satanic cults.  My maternal step-grandfather’s daughter (half-aunt) was also an Oddfellows lodge member in Ghana. I don’t recollect ever meeting her (my half-aunt) but I spoke to her on the telephone a few times. I Manashantii believe that acts of love and kindness, Christianity and reading The Holy Bible is the only solution and hope for mankind.

Although I wrote about how to speak in tongues it was on Friday 10th August 2018 that I received the gift of tongues.


Thank you for reading. Please read my full testimony of how I became a Christian. May God bless you abundantly.