Psychotherapy Skills 11th May 2013 Written by Manashantii

Some skills you can gain in Psychotherapy and the part of yourself you will be working on. Psychotherapy is mostly soul work. (written in no particular order)

Defining boundaries of what you think is right and just= SOUL

Being a good judge of character = SOUL

Self-parenting, responsibility for your well being.= SOUL

Patience = SOUL

Understanding = SOUL and SPIRIT

Insight = SPIRIT

Thinking = SOUL

Self-reflection and inner-processing = SOUL and SPIRIT

Reflective= SOUL

Self-Nurturing = SOUL

Problem Solving = SOUL

Emotional Healing = SOUL

Emotional Expression = SOUL

Social Skills Building = SOUL

Communication Skills = SOUL

Trusting Your Intuition= SPIRITUAL

Building Boundaries = SOUL

Assertiveness = SOUL

Confidence = SOUL

Self-esteem = SOUL

Solution-focused = SOUL

Conflict resolution = SOUL

Exploring the other person’s viewpoint = SOUL

Self-examination = SOUL and SPIRIT

Listening to self = SOUL and SPIRIT

Critical analysis of emotions = SOUL and SPIRIT

Observing your emotional cycles = SOUL and SPIRIT

Respond with understanding and love=SOUL