Take Control of your life. Wednesday 22nd May 2019 Written by Manashantii 

The psychological therapies believe that most people don’t take full control of their lives due to their state of mind. The more psychologically affected a person is the less action they take in developing their life and making their life experience better.

Stop controlling others psychologically and emotionally. Take responsibility for your life. Respect yourself. Develop your self confidence but do not be arrogant. Motivate yourself. Stop blaming others. Leave your abusers in the past. Learn from the past and your past experiences.The best revenge is to make a success of your life regardless of your past. When you become an adult, you psychologically become a grown up and you are a parent to yourself, because being a true grown up is being a parent to yourself.

Become aware of what you no longer need, become aware of what stagnates your self esteem and self confidence. Positive experiences, positive relationships and positive achievements increase your self esteem ; however managing your feelings, motivating yourself and challenging yourself in all experiences strengthens your self esteem, increase your confidence, develops psychological and spiritual growth

It is important to psychologically leave your childhood home, grow up and become psychologically an adult, by being responsible for yourself today and your future. True control is being a master of your life. Be a master of your emotions and thoughts. Your emotions and thoughts are yours, take control of them. Learn to manage your feelings. Be a parent to yourself in all aspects of your life, psychologically, academically, creatively, relationally, financially and in employment. When necessary challenge your perception, emotions, thoughts and insights.

Are you able to have a deep Spiritual, emotional and psychological connection with God? Are you able to build a healthy psychological connection with yourself?  What is going on emotionally? Examine the way you care for yourself and the way you relate to yourself. The way you parent yourself affects and reflects the boundaries you create with others. Examine how you discipline yourself. Observe and listen to your self talk, your emotions and your will power. Challenge your self to try new things and experiences that may be of great benefit to you.Take control of your mind. Talk to your mind to motivate yourself and challenge your perception, emotions and thoughts. Can you change your behaviour if necessary? How do you manage your stress? Are your friendship building skills good? Are you able to build a deep connection with friends, people and others? Are you able to examine how you relate to others at work? Do you have excellent skills regarding work? Can you acquire new skills in regards to your work? Do you have good social skills?

Do you manage your finances well? Are you financially responsible? Do you have creative outlets, hobbies and interests? Do you use your creative outlets to help you cope with stress? Do you make free time for yourself? Do you enjoy the work you do? What are the aspects of your life that needs to develop more? Do you have positive self esteem ? Do you have a desire to change your life? Do you feel confident that you can change your life? Do you have a passion for life? Are you happy to be alive? Do you find it easy to empathise? Would you say you have balanced affect? Are you insightful? Do you possess good analytical skills? Can you think in a variety of ways and make suggestions? Do you know God’s purpose for your life? What is your direction and goal in your life? Ask yourself:-  What am I supposed to learn from this experience? Do you apply what you learn from life?

If you have all of the above then you have balanced psychological and spiritual health, however do not stop there, keep growing in the LORD.  Ask God to give you strength and direct you. The Spiritual realm is higher than the psychological realm. Spiritual strength and good moral character strengthens a healthy psychological foundation.