Journal Writing. Written by Manashantii. Saturday 22nd May 2021.

Write about the following:-

Use Decision Making Skills and by thinking and writing it down in your journal.

See the article :- Decision Making Skills on this website.

My situation.

My instincts.

My thoughts.

My emotions.

My goals.

 My plans.

Should I trust —– (this) person?

God please open my spiritual eyes and help me to discern….

What can I do to protect myself spiritually?

What can I do to protect myself emotionally?

What can I do to nurture myself right now?

What can I do to relax and de-stress right now?

Things to do list.

What am I grateful to God for ? (Gratitude).

Praise God.

Prayer journaling.

Sermon notes.

Bible Study notes.

Praying Scriptures.

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