My Tweets number 4

My Twitter Tweets Number 4. All Written By Manashantii Friday 26th February 2016

Be Holy Spirit lead not heart led. Manashantii

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the eternal love you offer us. In Jesus Name Amen. Manashantii 

Jesus is Lord.

Forgive, Honour, Love and Bless everyone. Manashantii 

Heavenly Father make me an instrument of love you use for blessing others.Your blood cleanses and purifies. Manashantii

Heavenly Father, pacify me so that I walk humbly and holy in your name. In Jesus name Amen. Manashantii 

Heavenly Father, give me grace and courage to meet all of life’s trials. Help me to be humble and morally upright. Manashantii 

Heavenly Father, I am humbled by your boundless grace. Manashantii 

Loving Saviour King, God of perfect justice, I trust your wisdom. Manashantii

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