Why Worship? Written by Manashantii  Thursday 16th February 2017

Worship comes from the Old English word Worthship. Our thoughts and emotions stirs passion or apathy in us, passion or apathy is worship, whether we desire to or not we are relating in the spirit world. All worship or non worship is an opening door to the spirit world and worship invites spirits, good Spirits or bad spirits (demons) depending on what you worship and how you worship. Worship affects your spirit and your consciousness and the spirit world. Spirit world is beyond the physical. Worship is a like a spiritual dance and playing a rhythm in another dimension.The mind, heart, conscience and will are all in the soul, it is the totality of the personality. The cognitive functions are in the soul. The emotions are a part of the soul. Worship is a commitment to the spirit depending on your belief or unbelief. God created us with a part of us designed to worship. We are made to love and worship. Our soul is made to love and worship God. The Soul and Spirit are eternal. When you worship you are relating to God, you are nourishing your soul and you are reflecting on God’s righteousness. The Holy Bible purifies and restrengthens your spirit, soul and body. The Holy Bible nourishes and matures the human spirit.




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