Blessings.  Tuesday 5th June 2018 Written by Manashantii of

These verses will help you grow in your faith and be confident that you are blessed in Christ Jesus and no longer cursed if you believe in Him (Jesus Christ ). When you are a Christian you are Spiritually blessed and free from Satanic Curses. Christians use the term “Blessed, bless or blessings” because God has given us salvation and many other gifts, blessings are true and certain to those that follow Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible gives us substance within to fight the enemy. God speaks to you through the Holy Bible. Acknowledge your Blessings and praise God with your mouth everyday.

Apparently blessings are written about 600 times in the Holy Bible and curses are written about 300 times in the Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible is full of wisdom. The Lord is a fountain of life and the Lord is merciful and deserves all our praises. Blessings come when you walk in ways that adhere to God’s vows ( covenants). God blesses those who diligently follow Him and respect His ways and promises. God always keeps His pledge to us His followers. God is a God of justice and is righteous and He wants us love Him (God), love others and be righteous and just like Him. Delight in God’s laws. God will keep His promises (vows and covenants) to you.

Manashantii of

Numbers 6v24-26 (Aaronic Blessing)

Matthew 5v3-12 (The beatitudes)

Psalm 128v1-2

Ephesians 1v3

Proverbs 10v22

Psalm 67v1

Psalm 121v7-8

Jude verse 2

Romans 15v13

Deuteronomy 28v1-v14

Romans 8 verse 1-v39

Psalm 16v5

Philippians 4v13

Psalm 28v7

Ephesians 3v20

Exodus 23v22

Deuteronomy 7v13

Proverbs 10v7