Honesty. Written by Manashantii  Friday 26th January 2018

It is important to tell the truth because lying violates your conscience, destroys your soul and Spiritually separates you from God. As a Christian we have to live a Good life sinning as little as possible. Telling the truth gives you peace of mind and purifies your soul and spirit. Lying causes sicknesses and makes you a slave to sin. Disobedience manifests curses and destroys your soul. The Holy Spirit brings the blessings of God when you are truthful. The Holy Spirit convicts you of your sins. Repent of your sins and sin no more. Live by God’s Word following His teachings. Rely on God. Trust God’s Word and not human wisdom. Have truth in your heart and pursue truthful actions.

John 15v3

John 8v31-v32

Proverbs 21v3

Ephesians 4v15

Proverbs 4v24