Compare Beliefs. Wednesday 30th December 2020. By Manashantii of This is an unfinished article, please check back at a later date for the completed work.

Christianity.  There are spiritual laws and rules in the Holy Bible which Christians and non Christians must live by in order to be successful in life. Christians understand sin and your sin nature the Bible is clear about sin. They believe in repentance against their sins before a Holy God when they sin, in order that God will cleanse them from unrighteousness. Non repentance of your sin leads to iniquity. Christians believe in living a good moral life, building positive relationships and having a dynamic spiritual relationship with God and always forgiving and loving others. Christianity is about resolving problems and repentance with God’s help. Jesus Christ our LORD and saviour died on the cross as a perfect sacrifice this is because Jesus’s blood atoned for the sins of those who believe and worship Him. Jesus rose again from death to life  and Jesus is alive today and Jesus will judge us in the future. Whilst Jesus Christ was on Earth, Jesus performed many miracles including bringing Lazarus back to life. The Holy Bible is the book that Christians read as a way to worship and communicate with God. The Holy Bible teaches that worshipping the true God brings spiritual blessings. Christians are fighting a spiritual war against evil in the spirit world, and evil in the natural world and against one’s own evil nature; Christians are trying to follow the behavioural example of Jesus Christ who lived a sinless life. True Christians believe in not worshipping idols or statues as it is a sin, this is called idolatry. Having too much obsession and passion for someone or something more than God or Jesus is also idolatry. Christians believe that sin is the problem and that God is the only solution to the problem of sin. This is what the Holy Bible teaches.

Psychotherapies. Psychology is a science which is about understanding mind and behaviour of yourself and others and human relationships. Psychotherapies explores illnesses of the mind and how it affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. People use psychologies to help live a better emotional life. Most of the theories in psychology comes from Buddhism, Hinduism and Eastern philosophy. Psychotherapies try solve problems without God. Sigmund Freud was an Atheist of Jewish ethnicity, Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychiatry he was a cocaine addict with mental health problems and Carl Gustav Jung was an occultist from a Freemason family. Carl Gustav Jung was a racist and believed that Black people groups especially Africans are intellectually inferior; Jung claimed that Black people groups especially Africans have primitive minds and that Whites possess a civilised mind.  C.G. Jung was also anti-Semitic and hated Jews.

“There is a much better hypothesis to explain the peculiarities of the American temperament. It is the fact that the States are pervaded by the Negro, that most striking and suggestive figure…. What is more contagious than to live side by side with a rather primitive people? Go to Africa and see what happened…. the inferior man has tremendous pull over our psyche which has lived through untold ages of similar conditions…”  ( Carl Gustav Jung, Collected Works Vol.X 1927)

Buddhism.  Buddhism is about….

Judaism. Judaism is about …..

Islam.  Islam is about …..

Sikhism. Sikhism is about

Jainism. Jainism is

Hinduism. Followers of Hinduism are called Hindus. There are over 330 million gods in Hinduism; they stopped counting after 330million+ gods. Yoga of mind is called ( Dhyana /meditation) and Yoga of breath energy is called ( Pranayama) Yoga of movement and stretching is called (Asana). There are Yoga gods so when you partake in yoga you are worshipping those gods. Mantra is a word or phrase used to still the mind and thoughts. Chanting is a phrase designed to change thoughts and calm the mind. Yoga is a form of worship which helps to gain control over your mind and emotions and a solution for problems. Hindus believe in the caste system which categorises people according to their ancestors standing in society you are great better or worse according to the caste you belong to, this is racism. In Hinduism you use yourself to solve problems and Hindus believe that there is a god within everyone which should be acknowledged. The goal of worship in Hinduism is to break the cycle of reincarnation which means being reborn again and again due to Karma. Karma is the the result of cause and effect which means that due to our  good or bad actions we experience a certain circumstance in our next life. Any type of meditation is a form of worship and there curses and consequences for worshipping the self and false gods.