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Welcome to manashantii.com

Please note that the name and the words Manashantii is spelled with a double ii.  Please write down the name of this website somewhere safe so that you can visit again. Thank you. The website colours are red blue and purple which is in the Bible Exodus 36v8 and Exodus 36v35 and I use the Alpha and Omega symbols for the colours.

On this website I use New Living Translation (NLT) Bible which is a thought for thought translation. I also use Word for Word Translations I use (ESVUK )English Standard Version United Kingdom and ( KJV ) King James Version Bible. Since 2019 I now only use King James Version of the Holy Bible. On Monday 27th July 2020 I started using the Complete Jewish Bible (C.J.B.) also. The Complete Jewish Bible (C.J.B.) consists of the TaNaKh (Old Testament) and the Brit Chadasha (New Testament.)

All Afro hair and cosmetics content have been moved to one of Manashantii’s other website called blackhair.me

Please Follow me on twitter @Manashantii where I write my own tweets, please subscribe to my YouTube channel called Manashantii The Christian. I am on Pinterest as manashantii and on Instagram as Manashantii

Manashantii is my forename. For the meaning of Manashantii please see this page Manashantii’s name 

Manashantii recommends the following Christian denominations in alphabetical order :- Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Evangelical, Holy Spirit filled, Methodist, New Frontiers, Non Denominational, and finally Relational Mission.

Manashantii is the founder, owner, sole author and sole editor of this website and her other websites. The writings on this website are creatively inspired by Manashantii’s psychological experiences and the Holy Bible. Manashantii started writing this website in 1999 as a freewebs website.  Manashantii has owned the domain manashantii.com since early 2002. Manashantii.com WAS originally a website that displayed her Psychological poetry, her then Feminist views, her then Veganism views, her then Atheist views, her then Buddhist beliefs and her articles on Afro hair. She is no longer a Vegan, Feminist, Humanist, Buddhist or Atheist. In 2005 her views changed and as a result she turned this website into a Christian website in 2008 ; she then deleted all the articles and started rewriting this website since Wednesday 6th June 2012.

In this present day, the aim of this website is to educate the reader about Christian topics, cover a little bit on psychotherapy and exhibit Manashantii’s autobiographical poetry. Everything on this website is thought of and written by Manashantii unless otherwise stated. Please seek Manashantii’s permission to use her work and or quote her by attaching her name to the quote.

Manashantii is a pacifist, believes in giving lovingly, forgiving truly, and deciding to love peacefully in every moment. Forgiveness helps you to heal and delivers you from spiritual bondage.

Manashantii is a Spirit-filled Christian, Pacifist, who happens to be black British female of various African and Middle Eastern origins. Manashantii writes Christian and psychotherapy articles and also writes psychological poems which are intellectual reflections, emotional observations and experiential expressions. All Christian articles written on this website were written between Wednesday 6th of June 2012 until this present day.

Manashantii writes because writing is physically relaxing, psychologically cathartic, spiritually nourishing and it is also her creative outlet, writing helps her to manage stress and be organised, writing helps her to gather her thoughts and make plans and reflect. Writing helps her to record her thoughts, her memories and communicate with the world. Manashantii’s writings are unedited stream of consciousness writing and usually first draft only, never concerned about grammar or punctuation. She writes this way because she likes to illustrate with words, she writes sensory photographs of her consciousness, she does this because she likes the reader to sense her original thoughts, feelings and ideas, she values this type of writing process. She enjoys studying hard and writing with passion. Writing is a tool that helps her to develop her knowledge.

Please see Manashantii’s writing method 

Manashantii is in her 18th year of continuously being a Christian; but has been a Christian 26 years in total.

Manashantii is a non smoker, has never taken recreational drugs, does not drink alcohol and she loves the taste of plants and is extremely lactose intolerant. Manashantii does not adhere to animal rights or vegan politics. Manashantii was a life-long vegetarian who has experienced vegan phases. Although a vegan before she knew where meat came from, then later on at age six she was forced to witness her pet chicken being killed and was beaten and forced to eat her pet chicken in a soup, despite this she is neutral about animal rights activism. From August 2018 until 20th November 2018 Manashantii experimented with eating a non vegan diet but returned to a vegan diet in November 2018. After being vegetarian and vegan for over 45 years in total on Thursday 19th December 2019 Manashantii decided to permanently change from a Vegan diet to Omnivore. She is not sure if she will stick to an Omnivorous diet. On 12th January 2020 she returned to a Vegan diet.

Manashantii does not own or watch television because she has found that it makes her lazy. Manashantii writes psychological autobiographical poetry, and is a trained counsellor, with thirty-five years of personal psychotherapy experience. Manashantii considers herself to be a brown skinned Human, culturally universal, fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Manashantii is not political.

Manashantii’s late maternal grandmother was a lady Freemason lodge member and later was an Oddfellows lodge member. Her late maternal grandmother was a lodge member for over fifty years. Manashantii’s maternal religious background is various lodge and African Animism, her paternal religious background is currently Islam but generations ago they were practising Judaism and Christianity.

Manashantii has explored and practised most major religions except for Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Shinto, African religions, any type of lodge worship and Baha’i faith. She was mostly practising Dogen Zen Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Hinduism, Hindu Atheism, Humanism, Agnosticism and was an Oddfellows lodge member.

In 2000 until 2003 she attended Quaker meetings with The Society Of Friends whilst practising Buddhism. She began practising Christianity and attended Jehovah’s witness meetings for about two years sporadically, however she kept returning to Buddhism, Atheism, Seventh Day Adventist, Evangelical Christian and Pentecostal Christian. Her religious stance is now Spirit–filled Christian and she intends to remain Spirit-filled Christian. She has been Christian continuously since late Spring 2008 and was attending a large Evangelical church. In late August 2012 until December 2013 she was attending a Pentecostal Bible study fellowship along with another Pentecostal church. In December 2013 she decided to commit to one church (the Pentecostal church which she had been attending since early August 2012 ) and stopped attending the Pentecostal Bible fellowship. She is no longer Pentecostal Christian but believes that the Spiritual gifts are necessary and relevant for today.

On Sunday 25th March 2018 she became a Spirit-filled Christian. :-  My testimony of how I became a Christian

Manashantii is educated in Counselling and Psychotherapy and is also multi-lingual in African and European languages. Her favourite languages are Amharic, Twi and English. (However she can only speak fifteen sentences in Amharic!! She loves praising God in Amharic and in Hebrew !! She loves praising God.) Manashantii is predominantly an autodidact in many subjects.

Manashantii is a member of Lapidus.org.uk (The writing for wellbeing organisation) and is also a member of the Association of Christian Writers. She was also a member of the Vegan Society.

Manashantii has worn loose natural afro hair for forty years in total. She had dreadlocks for two years and had Jheri curls perm and a relaxer perm for a total of four years. Since 2007 she wears wigs on a daily basis (with her natural hair currently cut into a teeny weeny afro (T.W.A. ) or completely shaved off bald underneath since August 2018. Manashantii’s last relaxer perm or any perm or chemical process was in September 1986, but has worn natural hair for 49 years in total.

Manashantii’s favourite films are “The flavour of Green Tea over Rice” by Yasujiro Ozu (she likes most Ozu films) and she also likes “Coming to America” by John Landis which features the Actor Eddie Murphy.

Manashantii’s favourite foods are fusion cuisine, she likes Vegan African and Vegan Asian (Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Cambodian) eaten together.

Dish 1 = Ghanaian Kenkey or Ethiopian Injera or Eritrean Taiyta with Ghanaian black eye bean stew or Nigerian Vegan Egusi stew with Korean Kimchi, Japanese Marinated Tofu and or Nigerian Vegan Moin-Moin and Tomato, lettuce and cucumber Salad with lemon and sea salt dressing!! I know it sounds crazy, but believe me it is tasty!!

Dish 2 = Korean Vegan Bi Bim Bap with Japanese Tofu and Ghanaian Fried plantain and Jamaican ackees!

Dish 3= Vegan British Mash potatoes, Korean KimChi,  Korean Tofu.

Dish 4= Multi-grain Rice (Japgokbap) with Banchan dishes, KimChi Jiggae and Tofu.

Favourite dessert = fruit with vegan nice-dream (100% plant based ice-cream) or vegan cheesecake or vegan yoghurt.

Favourite drink= Water. Any Cold herbal tea. Squeezed fruit juice. Raw organic coconut water. Vegan hot chocolate.

It is a joy for me to share my experiences, my heart and my knowledge of God and Christianity as I Spiritually grow. I hope you experience my passion when you read my works. Please feel free to write to me with any questions or comments that you want to share, or any suggestions for articles you would like me to write about on this website. Thank you for visiting my website and God bless you abundantly.


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