Thursday 30th January 2020 How I Study and Worship. Written By Manashantii

I read 5 Psalms, then 1 Proverb matching the date of the month, then 1 or 2 chapters in the New Testament and 1or 2 chapters in the Old Testament. So for example:- today I read the following :- Psalm 146-Psalm 150, then Proverbs 30 (because today is 30th of January) I follow on by reading 2 chapters in the Old Testament – for example Joshua 1 and Joshua 2( Old Testament book) I then  read Luke 21 and Luke 22. (New Testament book)

So as you do this you will read all of the Psalms in a month (5 Psalms a day) You will read Proverbs in a month if you read 1 chapter of Proverbs a day (There are 31 chapters of Proverbs so you can do 1 Proverb a day)  Then read :- 2 Old Testament chapters and 2 New Testament chapters, this will make you read all of the Holy Bible in a Year.


Pray to open up the Worship and Study.

Sing. Sing Christian and Gospel songs to open up the Study and Worship.

Pray.  Begin by Praying in tongues (Praying in the Holy Spirit) if you can. Then pray in your normal language asking the Holy Spirit to be present and guide you. Talk to God.

Praise, Bless and Thank God. Praise God with your mouth in your own words. Praise, gratitude and Thanksgiving.

Listen quietly to God. Christian Meditation is hearing from God during silent reflection after reading the Holy Bible or Silent reflection after prayer. I prefer to use the term silent reflection to separate confusion from other religious and worldly meditations. Quiet your heart and mind, silent listening helps you to hear voice of God.


Read. Read the passage. Focus.

Read and Re-read and Re-read the passage.


Remember. Try to memorise what you read if possible.

Reflect. Think and examine what you have read. Think and examine your thoughts, feelings and actions. Reflect and look for insights into yourself.


Summarise and Paraphrase.  In a special note book or journal, write down what the passage means to you and what you have learned.

Pray. Ask God to give you insight.

Listen quietly to God. 

Write down Holy Bible verses in your journal.

Write and re-write and edit. Do second draft and third draft or even fourth draft.

Oral Presentation/Viva Voce

Motivation. Ask yourself and answer in writing the following:- How does this motivate me?