Ungodly Soul Ties. 23rd May 2017. Written by Manashantii

This is an unfinished article and you should check at a later date for the full article.

An ungodly soul tie is an attachment of the mind, will and emotions, it is also an idol. Ungodly soul tie is an emotional bond and spiritual bond which can be formed as a result of a sexual relationship outside of marriage with a non Christian. Spirits are transferred through sex. If you have sex outside of marriage and or with someone who you are not spiritually compatible with it causes a change and consequences in the spiritual realm. The repercussions are that you will have a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife or many spiritual spouses the spirits will have sex with you in your sleep and in the spirit realm. Ask God for forgiveness for the soul tie and ask God to help you to break the ungodly soul tie. An ungodly relationship is when you are not spiritually compatible. When you are unequally yoked it affects your soul in a negative way.

Sex, love and kisses are very special and should be saved only for marriage to someone very special of the same religion as yourself. Renounce and break any ungodly vows. Get a pastor to help you if you can.