The Magic A. B. C’s of emotions. Written by Manashantii  Saturday 30th July 2016

The magic A,B,C’s of emotions is an idea I got from Dr. Katherine Krefft PhD from her powerful book called Affective Self Esteem: Lesson Plans For Affective Education

This is Dr. Katherine Krefft’s version 

A= Allow the feeling

B= Be with the feeling

C= Channel verbally or non verbally.


This is Manashantii’s version

When I feel stressed I will practise the emotional ABCDEF’s.

A is Allow your emotions, Accept your emotions, Airway for your emotions. (Grounding or Focusing on Emotions.)

B is Be with the emotion and Breathe and emotionally observe. Listen to your Body and thoughts.

C is Channel the emotion Creatively Constructively and Cathartically. Use your therapeutic creative outlets to help you process and manage your emotions.

Examples of some therapeutic creative outlets are Praising God, talking, writing, singing, dancing, walking, exercise or physical activity, drawing, painting or colouring.

D is Dicern and Decipher and Document is to Calculate and Reflect, Understand, Interpret, Identify. Search for Insights.  Document = Journal Writing.

E is Evaluate and Record is to Write it into your Psychotherapeutic Journal

F is Friend be a good friend with yourself. Self-Care and Self-Parenting.


ABC or FAT or EAT:-

A=Affect=F Feelings or E Emotions

B=Behaviour =A Actions

C=Cognition=T Thinking ( Perceptual effects) Memories,





Therapeutic Alliance

Psychiatric History

Diagnostic Interview

Treatment plan