What is love. By Manashantii Sunday 2nd November 2014

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Christianity is about love. This is the definition of love according to the Holy Bible

Love is not Lust, or addiction or obsession. Know love not with your eyes, not with your heart and not with your thoughts but know love in the Spirit. Seek guidance from the Holy Spirit by reading The Holy Bible and through Christian prayer.

Love is unconditional friendship, faith, care, trust, respect, loyalty, value, empathy, forgiveness, humility, deep attachment but yet still possessing lots of space for growth of the individual’s personality. Love is speaking the truth lovingly. Love is being reliable and trustworthy. Love is enduring kindness, patience, peacefulness, hopefulness, sacrificing joyfully and commitment. Love is selflessness and honesty.

Make God the one that you depend on everyday for motivation. Read The Holy Bible and pray every day. If you are married pray and study the Bible with your spouse and or family members. Strengthen your relationship with God. Be kind, learn to forgive more, always focus on being able to care for yourself and others. Find appropriate ways to bond with your family.


Buddhism defines love as compassion, loving-kindness, equanimity, acceptance, appreciative joy and friendship.


Psychologies and psychotherapies have redefined love as acceptance of self and acceptance of others.



The New Testament in The Holy Bible talks mostly about Love and Forgiveness.

Leviticus 19v18 & Mark 12v28-v30

1st Corinthians13 v4-v8

Ephesians 4v2-v3

Galatians 2v20