Mainstream psychotherapy. Written by Manashantii. Sunday 23rd March 2014

Mainstream psychotherapy can be bad for the client because :-

1. It can offer false hope.

2. It can make the client self-absorbed and self -centred.

3. It can encourage the client to become arrogant and develop a false sense of self-esteem.

4. Encourages the client to blame others.

5. Encourages you to expect perfection from parents or people in your life.

6. Encourages  Unforgiveness.

7. It is  problem focused.

8. It is  over reflective of the past.

9. It is Soul-centred and emotional centred.

10. Psychotherapies teach and believe that the human is by nature very good and the self is the best solution of man’s problems. Psychotherapy usually solve human behaviour and problems without God.

(However I believe that the Holy Bible and God is the best solution to sin and man’s problems.) 

Written by Manashantii