Relate To God. 5th December 2012. Written by Manashantii

The way to know God is to have a Divine relationship with Him daily through prayer, also praying in tongues and reading the Holy Bible and worshiping Him. Dwell in God’s pure love and know God’s perfect peace. Be humble and God will give you His Grace. Your Spirit is your inner conscience and intuition connected with God. Your Spirit is eternal, your flesh is mortal (not eternal). Live in the Spirit, kill your fleshly desires. Give up cravings of the flesh and give up cravings of the heart. Lust of the flesh is a product of the heart. Allow your Soul (mind, will and emotions) to be led by your Spirit. To walk in the Spirit of God is to walk in True and Absolute Love. Relate to God in the Spirit.

I am writing this as short as possible in hope that you will reflect on what I have written.


Bible verses related to this article.

Galatians 5v16 -v22

Romans 8v12-v17

John 1v12

Isaiah 1v19

Romans 12v1 -v2

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