6th June 2012. Written by Manashantii

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I don’t drink, smoke, take drugs, self-mutilate, or have an eating disorder I was encouraged by Spike Milligan, who visited and performed at my school, and three school teachers told me to write my feelings down, because of this I was able to overcome and heal from my traumatic experiences. When I feel overwhelming feelings I write and cry. Writing saved my life. I was fortunate to discover writing from age 11.

My poems paint sensory dimensions of some of my emotional experiences. I write because I want to record my story and it is also a creative and cathartic way of processing my feelings, thoughts and memories. Self-enquiry refines my understanding of the part I play in the process and this inspires innovation in my life.

My so called “poems” are really autobiographical writings and affirmations. I write stream of consciousness accidental poetry, and I express my thoughts and feelings through Journal writing. I don’t rhyme, use metre, or imagery intentionally. I no longer use various Buddhist meditations as I write. I now use prayer and Bible study to inspire my writing.

I write expressively and experientially using my autodidact knowledge of poetry methods. At times I write reflectively and summarise.

My writing method is really effective for healing from traumatic life experiences.

At the first stage, I use writing as method for self listening, observing and connecting into my thoughts, feelings, breathing, my body and my instincts.
At the second stage, I use writing as a method for emotional processing and catharsis.
At the third stage I use writing as a guiding instrument for transforming my emotions and being resolution focused.

I believe that truthful self communication requires, self listening, (breathwork, physical and sensory awareness exercises) meditation when these are all combined together they become psychological sensors for examining mind and behaviour. I believe that there is always a mental space where inner-peace always exists within everyone, from this place of inner-peace and higher consciousness in my mind is where I listen and I write from. As I observe and I listen to my thought processes, I use this state of consciousness to guide me and ground myself.

I use writing to help me to explore the depths of my psychological dimensions. Writing helps me to inner-navigate and anchor my vision. I listen in order to psychologically receive the subliminal resonants that my consciousness reflects to me, I then amplify the breath-thought-feeling-sensation into word sounds. I then start to write down whatever thoughts come to my head, I call this the catharsis stage, because it is like a brain cleansing of my thoughts.

I re-read my work to myself. Then I reflect on how I have experienced what I have written. I then examine my perception of my written work and my state of mind and only re-edit where necessary. I avoid editing because I want the reader to experience my original thought, feelings, memories and sensations. I only edit if there is a spelling mistake which must be corrected. I believe that a relationship with myself is important, because to a large extent it explains my strengths, how I relate to others and my relationship with God.

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