My Tweets 7

My Tweets 7. Written By Manashantii.   From Thursday 31st March 2016 to —– May 2016

If s/he doesn’t love God, s/he cannot love you the way you deserve. Let go off this idol. Love God firstly. Have faith in God. Manashantii

Make God the most important person in your life. Manashantii

I forgive ——— (person) for imperfections past, present and future. I release ——–  (person) of my anger and negative judgement. Manashantii

Try to love and understand people more. Be a Pacifist, an activist for peace. Manashantii

Try to have unconditional positive regard for people and practice less pathologisation. Manashantii

Without the Holy Spirit we can’t be born again, live a Holy life, pray and experience a final transformation. Manashantii

I give my past to Jesus my healer and my saviour. I forgive everyone who has hurt me. My faith is renewed. Manashantii

I trust God’s will in everything in my life. Manashantii 

I live for God and not this material world. Manashantii

Accept your pain. Grief is a process, it will end. Write your thoughts and feelings down. You will heal in eventually. Manashantii

Rely on God to help take away your pain. Manashantii

Forgive yourself. Manashantii

Stop Judging and Blaming the abuser and thinking about the past. If you do it will become easier with time. Manashantii

Leave it to God to Judge your abuser. Manashantii

Realise, Empathise and try to understand that your abuser lacks Spiritual maturity. Manashantii

Pray for your abuser and wish peace for your abuser’s inner peace or peace of mind, love and understanding. Manashantii

Forgive your abuser. No one is perfect even you have sinned before. Let go off the cycle of blame, guilt and denial. Manashantii

Live under the laws of love, peace, understanding and forgiveness. Manashantii

After a few years of forgiveness seek trustworthy and loving friends and maybe a loving companion. Love heals. Manashantii

Don’t deny your emotions, neither should you be controlled by your emotions. Speak the truth in love. Manashantii 

Most relational problems exist due to lack of insight, lack of boundaries, lack of understanding and lovelessness. Manashantii

Insight, healthy boundaries, understanding and the ability to love and forgive makes you Spiritually mature. Manashantii

Reflection encourages insight into yourself. Manashantii 

Learn to process your anger. Anger tells us that there is emotional pain and a belief that there is injustice in our lives. Manashantii

Increase your patience, understanding and love for people. Hatred kills. Manashantii

You cannot become Spiritually perfect by your own human effort alone, you need The Holy Spirit’s help. Manashantii
Heavenly Father, I want to enjoy the joy of communion with You lord for eternity. Manashantii

Heavenly Father your word purifies my soul, I know that obeying You and being guided by you is important. Manashantii

Heavenly Father you are my master. I pray for supernatural clarity in my life today. Manashantii


Heavenly Father, I have faith that Divine Good will always win victoriously over evil. In Jesus’ Name Amen. Manashantii

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