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These are the skills you develop as a psychotherapist and also some of these are the skills gained by the client. (in no particular order)

1. To understand  intra-psychic and interpersonal dynamics

2.The ability to assert your limits and set healthy boundaries.

3. Listening skills.

4.  Reflect on your Experiences and Pray for Insight so that you can know your True Desires and your Emotional Needs. Use Faith to overcome and Minimise your fears and make good Decision Making Skills.

5. Develop your capacity to Empathise.

6. Explore your ability to Emote.

7. Develop problem solving skills and Conflict Management.

8. Remember God’s unconditional love is designed to fill your Soul Eternally.

9. Ask the Holy Spirit to Teach, Guide and or Comfort you.

10. Self-esteem is unconditional self -love and self -acceptance.

11. Possessing the skills of  forgiveness, trust and intimacy.

12. Adult reasoning.

13. “Feelings are volatile, but true love is an act of the will”.  Don Francisco

14. Ability to recognise mentally ill people and mentally ill behaviours.

15. Spiritual needs.

16. Assertiveness is the ability to express my feelings, thoughts and desires.

17. Assertiveness, Boundaries and Conflict management.

18. To Possess a clear awareness of your own emotional needs, your mental needs and your spiritual needs.

19. Spiritual Development.

20. Must be Biblically Literate.

21. Develop a Spirit of  Discernment.

22. Gain Insight into yourself.

23. Bible based, God centred and Holy Spirit led psychotherapy.

24. Psychotherapy cannot heal Sin, Emotional and Physical Scars and Demons. Forgiveness can heal, you do have a willing Spirit.

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