Hebrew Names of God in Judaism and Christianity. 25th Thursday February 2016

Abba. Father.

Adon. My Master

Adonai. My Master. My Great Lord.

Adonai Tov’ ve Salach. The Lord is good and forgiving.

Adonai Ha Elohim Hakadosh. Yahweh The Holy God.

Ain Soph. Limitless One

Esh Oklah. Consuming Fire.

El Chay. Living God.

El Elyon. Most High God.

Elohim  The Creator. The Godhead. The Gods

El Olam. The Everlasting God.

El Kanna. Jealous God.

El Kadosh Yisrael. The Holy one of Israel.

El Roi. The God who sees me.

El Shaddai. All Sufficient Mighty God.

Hashem. The Name.

Hakadosh Barukh Hu. The Holy One, blessed be He.

Ish. Husband

Machseh. Refuge

Magen. My Refuge, my Shield.

Maon. Dwelling Place.

Melek. King

Metsuda. God is my Fortress. Stronghold.

Migdal-Oz. Strong Tower.

Miqweh Yisrael. Hope of Israel

Shophet. Judge

Shekinah. Divine Presence

Yahweh Jireh. The Lord will provide.

Yahweh Makkeh. The Lord who strikes or smites.

Yahweh Mekkadishkem. The Lord who sanctifies.

Yahweh Nissi. The Lord is my Banner.

Yahweh Rapha. The Lord who heals.

Yahweh Rohi. My Shepherd

Yahweh Shalom. The Lord is Peace.

Yahweh Shammah. The Lord is there. My Companion.

Yahweh Tsebaioth. (Sabaoth) The Lord of Hosts.

Yahweh Tsidkenu. The Lord is our Righteousness.

Yahweh Tsuri. The Lord is my Rock.

Yahweh. Self Existent One

Yah.  Short for Yahweh.

Yahweh. I am that I am.


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