My Tweets 8

My tweets 8. Written by Manashantii. Thursday 1st September 2016

Christians are God’s channel of change, breakthrough and blessings. Manashantii                                     You have a Divine appointment with the Holy Spirit, pray and converse with God. Manashantii                                                                 Your Sovereign King, The King of Kings. Jesus shed His blood on the cross so that we can be with Him eternally in Glory. Manashantii        Let us be sensitive to God’s word, and not self-centred. Manashantii                                            

Kill carnality and lust. Be Spirit led, awaken your Spiritual muscles. Manashantii                                                                                          Pray to God to cleanse Spiritual ears. Manashantii                                                                                                                                                 Be Spirit led, let God minister in your life. Manashantii                                                        Focus on the Spiritual, you are not your experiences, your pain or your emotions or people’s opinions of you. Forgive. Manashantii                                                                                                                                                             Understand through the Spirit, Spirit is not intellectualisation. It is based on faith and worship through the heart. Manashantii 

Heavenly Father I desire to know you more. I read your word and listen to you. In Jesus Name Amen. Manashantii

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