Forgiveness is an act of love. Written by Manashantii of Tuesday 20th January 2015

Forgiveness is the foundation for beginning healing from spiritual warfare. Forgiveness is a cleanser of negativity and strengthens our spiritual growth and faith. Lack of forgiveness is the cause of wars. Ask the Holy Spirit to work on your heart and in your life. As you pray God will minister to your psyche, your soul and your Spirit. Trust God, when you put God first, God will make a way in your life. Letting go off blame, hatred, need for justice, revenge and negative judgement is good for your emotional and Spiritual well being. Let go off the past, be present and future centred. Unforgiven is a sin. Unforgiveness is a war of the heart, it grows anger, bitterness, fear, pain and resentment. Everything we do has a spiritual ramification. The spiritual consequences for unforgiveness is that we become more and more spiritually alienated from God and unforgiveness is a sin. Give up war, war is an act for justice, but forgiveness is an act of love. Forgiveness neutralises emotional pain and promotes Spiritual healing and psychological healing. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with God you must forgive just as Jesus did. Revenge and anger does not change the past, revenge does not heal.

In order to break the negative cycle of unforgiveness and lovelessness you must ;-

1. Let go off you feeling guilty (forgive yourself)  let go off you punishing the person who has offended you (and forgive the person/s involved)

2. Stop trying to change the other person

3. Stop blaming yourself and or blaming the other person involved

4. Stop seeking approval from people

5. Stop trying to please the other person

6. Remember everything you do has spiritual consequences.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you are justifying the offense, forgiving doesn’t mean you accept or approve of what was done. Forgive because you want to reclaim your peace of mind. You can forgive without receiving an apology, let go off the anger and the pain it causes. Forgiveness is a sign of emotional durability and psychological empowerment. Give up your need to punish them with your anger or manipulate them to feel guilty. Let go off the blame and the belief that your debtor owes you. Matthew 6v12 in The Holy Bible, King James Version says;-  And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors.”

Forgiveness and love transforms your heart and spirit. Now let us think about praying. Always begin your prayer by blessing and praising God and think about your love for God. Secondly ask the Holy Spirit to transform your heart and perfect your spirit. When you pray about this situation wish the person love and forgive them. When you are not praying keep wishing them peace imagine your heart opening up like a flower and sending this person love and forgiveness and peace. When you see yourself thinking negative thoughts imagine God helping you to send this person love from your heart. Set the person free spiritually, and set yourself free from stress and emotional pain which unforgiveness causes. Unforgiveness can block the quality of your communication with God. Spirit prayer develops the growth of your Spirit. It allows you to be in peaceful union with the Holy Spirit. Speaking in tongues is spirit to spirit communication with God. Speaking in tongues is a Spiritual experience and a Spiritual exercise.

Manashantii of

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Written by Manashantii