This is a Christian website written by a lady Freemason’s grand-daughter. Please explore the rest of this website including my testimony. Thank-you. Manashantii

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The links page is live on my old manashantii site. It can be found via google.  Christian Apologetics Scientific facts in the Bible Christian Book Charity  Which religion should I choose?

Sammy  http://
Daniel Kolenda Evangelist
Network of Christian staff
United Christian Broadcast website
Christian website
A Christian family website
Fresh fields ministries offer Christian counselling in London, U.K.
London healing rooms
Meditations for women
Sozo ministries (Deliverance from Freemasonry)
Association of Christian counselling UK
Passion for Christ Movement
all about Jesus dot org

Ex-Masons for Jesus

Renounce freemasonry http:///
Masonic dictionary
Sozo ministries (Deliverance from Freemasonry)
Norwood Christian Fellowship (Deliverance from Freemasonry)

Christian apologetics http://


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