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My Twitter Tweets number 1. All tweets written By Manashantii updated on Sunday 7th February 2016

God is more powerful than any problem you will ever face. Trust in God. Manashantii

Trust the Holy Spirit. God is faithful. Manashantii

Praise God and He will bless you. Experience His love through His Word, The Holy Bible. Trust in God He is faithful. Manashantii

As you read the Holy Bible everyday, your soul and spirit will be renewing and becoming more alive even though your body is getting older. Read the Bible and worship God you will grow. Manashantii

Sin and unforgiveness separates us from God. Manashantii

True forgiveness is a continuous prayer of my heart. I let go off the past hurts because I forgive. Manashantii

Being humble is asking for forgiveness even when I think I am right, I ask for forgiveness and I forgive. Manashantii

I am Spirit lead and passionate for God. The food of the Spirit is the word of God. My faith is more genuine than gold. Manashantii

What seems good in the physical world may be bad in the spiritual world. Heavenly Father help me to obey your commandments. Manashantii

Being bitter, self absorbed and seeking personal revenge hinders my Spiritual growth with God. Manashantii

I am forgiveness focused and I honour God. Manashantii

Forgive pray be grateful and have faith. Manashantii

Receive God’s love and remember the miracles in the Holy Bible. Manashantii

Give God the glory and receive the victory of being God’s chosen. Manashantii

Bless God  praise Him everyday. It is also important to be Spirit led at all times. Manashantii 

Heavenly Father I trust you to give me new healthy relationships, I put God first. I will not be desperate to be loved. Manashantii

Heavenly Father, please help me to be humble, patient and forgiving. Help me to be forgiving I put my faith deeper in You. Manashantii

Heavenly Father you are my God, my only God I worship you.  Glory be to Yahweh. I honour you, my God. Manashantii

Eternal glorious Father following you is the path to eternal life and peace. Manashantii

Help me to resist temptations, in your word The Holy Bible I find peace of mind. Manashantii

God please help me to be honest and humble. Manashantii

I have faith, I know that my strength comes from you Yahweh. I put my faith in You I trust in You my God. Manashantii

My loving Heavenly Father I worship you in Spirit and in truth. Manashantii

Loving Father Creator of Heaven and Earth please fill me with the Holy Spirit eternally. Manashantii

Heavenly Father, protect my heart and guide me to righteousness. Manashantii

Thank you for your love and mercy that you give me daily. Manashantii

Heavenly Father, I have faith and worship you alone. Manashantii

I strengthen my trust as I endure experiences, empower me to love deeply, humble my heart and increase my compassion. Manashantii

I am humble and courageous, I let go off the past. Obedience to God brings me Spiritual blessings. Manashantii

Heavenly Father your Spirit renews my heart. I express myself in loving ways to others. Manashantii

What can you do for God? God does so much for you. What can you do for Him? God loves you. Do you love Him equally? Manashantii

Anger blocks my ability to feel love. Anger desensitises my courage to act on kindness. I learn to forgive myself and others. A clean heart of forgiveness welcomes the Holy Spirit. Manashantii

Heaven is another dimension a place where God’s will is done. Death is never a defeat for a Christian. Manashantii

I pray with a pure forgiving heart, I guard my heart from evil actions and thoughts. I forgive others and forgive myself. Manashantii

I choose to forgive, I choose to love. I will heal from my pain. I look ahead to the future and let go off the past. Manashantii

Dear Heavenly Father, mould me as I pray. Thank you for the security you give and your life giving promises. Manashantii

I prioritise my walk on the path with God, remaining pacifistic, loving God and forgiving myself and forgiving others. Manashantii

Father, help me to forget my past pain, help me to heal from the present problems related to the past. Forgiveness cleanses. Manashantii

There is no peace without forgiveness. God gives and forgives. I confess my sins. A sign of Spiritual maturity is forgiveness. Manashantii

I praise God, my life is a reflection of the peace and joy that God has put into my Soul. God is the only soul restorer. Manashantii

It will happen, trust God’s time, God’s will for God’s glory. Pray that God’s will will prevail. Manashantii

Make Jesus the only God of your life. Put Jesus first. Praise God several times a day. Manashantii, 

Prayer is a tool that helps me to communicate and connect with God and to be in the Spiritual realm. Manashantii

I practice love, obedience, forgiveness, pacifism and gratitude. Manashantii

The Holy Spirit answers to the blood of Jesus, the power of Jesus’s blood is enough, He paid it once for everyone. Manashantii

Let the body of Christ echo in the world. Let us be quick to forgive and slow to judge. Holy Spirit help me to pray. Amen. Manashantii

Pray for Supernatural provision and Supernatural protection. Manashantii

Fight against deception, distraction, doubt, discouragement. Stay pure, remain Unified, Focus and have courage. Manashantii

I pray that prayer will become like breathing for me. Watch and pray. Pray before and pray immediately after eating. Manashantii

Our light comes from God. Christians are the sunshine of other people’s life. Manashantii

We Christians are defined by the Spirit of the Lord within us. I build up my Spirit man. God is my light, my strength and my comforter. Manashantii

Forgiveness brings true healing of your emotional wounds. Manashantii

Praising God is the deepest level of worship. Always hope and Love God. Manashantii

Developing Spiritual Prosperity in your soul is more important than worldly riches. Walk in the Holy Spirit in obedience. Manashantii

God wants from me open hearted authentic Spiritual worship every moment and daily. Manashantii

Love God and others practice obedience forgiveness and gratitude to God and others. Manashantii

Be Humble. Be a good friend, listen with care and activate passionate love in your daily life. Manashantii

Know the true grace and power of Jesus by reading His word the Holy Bible. Manashantii

Heavenly Father help me to find time to be alone with you. In Jesus name I pray Amen. Manashantii

Adonai, Thank you for your gift of forgiveness of all of my sins which you have offered me, I accept this gift with gratitude. Manashantii

I worship you in Spirit and in truth now and forever. Manashantii


Wise Heavenly Father, we obey you and follow your teachings of love. Take control over everything in my life. Manashantii

I repent, forgive and love. Manashantii

Heavenly Father please accept the praises of my heart. Manashantii

Holy Spirit I want to understand you, please light the dimensions of my consciousness as I read your word. Manashantii

I am open to this new day. I exist in today, my yesterdays are forgiven and I have forgotten them. Manashantii

Heavenly Father help me to quietly centre my thoughts on you. I put my faith in you Jesus. Manashantii

Heavenly Father please help me to trust you, help me to trust your promises and accept your way of thinking. Manashantii

Heavenly Father guide me on my path, I want to know you more. Manashantii

Always try to respond in love and practice forgiveness. Manashantii

Let us pray for our souls to repent every unbelief and hardness of heart towards the Lord. Manashantii
Let us pray for truth and mercy to deliver our souls from false doctrines and for our souls to be in eternal righteousness. Manashantii

Heavenly Father Your Blood continues to cleanse and purify my soul. Manashantii

All tweets written by Manashantii

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