My Tweets 6

My Tweets 6. By Manashantii Wednesday 30th March 2016

The word of God purifies and restrengthens your soul, spirit and body. The word of God nourishes and matures the human spirit. Manashantii

It is better to know The Supreme Truth which is The Heavenly Father and live a virtuous life. May you know True Peace. Manashantii

The Heavenly Father is Supreme Truth and Loving Forgiveness He is True Peace and all that you need. May you experience this. Manashantii

To Know The Supreme True God is to be complete. Absolute Completeness In The True God of Peace. Manashantii

It is better to live knowing The Supreme Truth than living with the lie. Manashantii

Virtues without obedience to God will not get you into Heaven. Manashantii

Self conquest of mind does not make you master of your destiny and you have only one life. Manashantii

You can never be master of self without union with God. God is the only Master of Self. Manashantii

The Word without the Spirit is information, Spirit w/o the Word is inspiration, Word and Spirit together is Revelation. David Diga Hernandez

 Let your faith pull your feelings along. David Pawson

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