Anointed Spirit-Filled Prayers. Written By Manashantii on Wednesday 1st July 2015

Prayer is talking with God. Prayer is a necessary tool that keeps the Christian in balance with God. Prayer creates a relational bond between yourself and God. Faith filled prayers activates God’s blessings. Pray with deep belief that God will Divinely make it happen. When you pray, you must be truthful and open-hearted to God. You must pray with an emotionally and Spiritually pure and clean heart, your heart must be full of forgiveness or be willing to forgive. Prayer helps you to receive the gift of discernment and facilitates the ability to forgive. The more you forgive the more Spiritually cleansed you become and you will be covered by the Holy Spirit. Prioritise your spiritual life with God. Prayer develops your Spiritual heart, and relaxes the mind. Forgive, Honour, Love and Bless everyone. Reading the Holy Bible, praying, singing and fasting are weapons that create a powerful Spiritual atmosphere, which protects us and heals us. Intellectualism, cynicism and unforgiveness separates you from God. If you are a Holy Spirit filled Christian you will be able to pray anointed Spirit filled prayers.

John 4v24  (NLT) For God is a Spirit So those that worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth.

You must pray by beginning by starting the prayer by addressing God, For example “Our Father or Heavenly Father”.  For some titles of God See God is…

And You can end the prayer with the statement “in Jesus Name Amen”.

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