What is Grace? Written by Manashantii Wednesday 17th April 2019

In the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, Adam and Eve sinned against God, this brought a curse on humanity and the world, the curse also brought death, more sin and shame, to all life form. The curse changed our physical, emotional and spiritual nature. In order to reverse our faulty physical, emotional and spiritual gene God needed to recreate us by changing our blood. So God created a blood transfusion and forgiveness to renew us, but God cannot force us to have the blood transfusion if we don’t want it.

Grace means God’s kindness and forgiveness; our sins have to be paid for and punished for, but God who is also Jesus loves us, so Jesus sacrificed His blood by dying on the cross so that we can be pardoned for our sins this is called salvation. If we accept God’s gift of salvation we will be spiritually reborn and will spend eternity with God in Heaven when our current body dies, we will be born again and perfected. Grace is a sign of God’s unconditional love for us. Grace is God’s gift of forgiveness, salvation and love which is available for all who choose to follow Him.

Grace means that we are no longer cursed and we are re-adopted children of God, God who is The Most High King. Once we are going through the process of being re-created into a new creature we must have a personal relationship with God, we do this by praying (talking to God) accepting Him as your Father, having faith in God, speaking in tongues, rejoicing, dancing, singing and reading the Holy Bible. Worship and praise are weapons that helps us to fight against the enemy and strengthen our relationship with God and therefore killing death and setting us free.

The Holy Bible is a guide and a book that comforts us, God talks to us through the Holy Bible. We must not intentionally sin and we must not worship other gods. We must be humble in heart and obey God’s will. We must try to win souls for God’s kingdom. We must build healthy friendships. Christianity brings true peace of mind. We must try to follow Jesus’ example and live like Him.

When we are under God’s grace we know that we are forgiven and are being perfected. When our current body dies we will get a new perfected body and a new name.

Grace is God’s sacrificial love for us. God has forgiven us. Do you want to accept God’s forgiveness for you? Grace is God’s gift of salvation, God’s gift of eternal life, God’s redemption and God’s forgiveness.

Pray this prayer :- Heavenly Father, I accept you as my LORD and saviour. I accept your forgiveness and the eternal love you offer me. From this day onwards I will live my life to serve you, worship you, love you and follow you. Please come into my heart now. Guide me from this day forward. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

Manashantii The Christian