How to memorise the Holy Bible. Written by Manashantii Sunday 6th January 2019

1. .Read the verse. 2. Read the verse aloud. 3. Repetition. Repeat the verse to yourself until you remember.  4. Personalise the verse to yourself by affirming, so for example say “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139v14.  5. Visualise putting the verse in your heart, soul and spirit. 6. Listen to the passage. 7. Act it out. Say the passage with feeling until you remember.  8. Use music.  9. Try to recall the first letter of each word of the sentence or paragraph as a memory trigger. 10. Use rhyme. 11. Look at the verse and then try to remember the verse, and then look again and try to remember the verse, keep doing this until you remember and can visualise the writing word for word. 12. Write it out and rewrite it until you remember. 13. Sing it out until you remember, use rhyme if it helps.