Spirit Over Flesh. Written By Manashantii Monday 18th May 2020 This is an unfinished article. Please check at a later date for the completed version.

Do not be led by lust, desire and negative feelings. Feelings change, lust and desire makes us a slave to our flesh and the physical realm. Those that walk in the flesh are self-seeking, their main priority is self-preservation, they focus on Self-love, and have an inaccurate knowledge of sin. Psychotherapy and psychologies encourages you to be feeling led, examine your behaviour and obey your thoughts. It is good to examine your behaviour but it is not always good to be feeling led and act upon your thoughts.

This is how to be led by the Holy Spirit and led by your faith in God; read the Holy Bible then talk to God about how you are feeling emotionally and physically; your priority should be to be guided by the Holy Bible and to do what is morally right and do what is right according to the Holy Bible. Perfect your relationship with God and you will hear the Holy Spirit; and The Holy Spirit will guide you. Know God’s love through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible.

Read are the Holy Bible aloud and slowly like you are eating a delicious meal that you don’t want to stop eating; The Holy Bible is Spiritual food. Feed your spirit by reading the Holy Bible aloud at least once a day. Read and speak the word of God with your mouth, open your mouth and read aloud. Engage in a relationship with God. Thank and praise God aloud. Express your passion for God, pray. Humble your flesh, crucify your flesh, submit your flesh, let your spirit dominate your fleshly experiences. Fight your battles by prayer and worship. Practice fasting only if you can. Allow Jesus to be your mediator and coach.