Reading The Holy Bible. Written By Manashantii The Christian. Friday 8th September 2023

As a Christian reading the Holy Bible is more than just reading. The Holy Bible is Spiritual food which can help you to build up your spirit. When you read the Holy Bible you are reading to understand God’s mind, will and emotions. You are reading for Spiritual Guidance and to hear God’s voice. When you are reading, you are reading to communicate with God; to have companionship with God and invite The Holy Spirit to commune with you. You are reading to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit; to learn and gain knowledge of God’s wisdom. Read the Holy Bible to praise God and to Worship The Triune God. Reading feeds your spirit and builds your inner man. Reading The Holy Bible helps you to fight this spiritual war that we are in and to use spiritual warfare. Reading is also for information retention, memory recall and also research.

Manashantii The Christian