My Tweets 10

Tweets 10 written by Manashantii. Saturday 22nd June 2019



Fasting properly is Fasting in the flesh and feasting in the Spirit realm with the Word of God is the Holy Bible; submit your flesh and strengthen your Spirit. Manashantii

When you are in spiritual darkness you are burdened and are unable to hear God’s voice and darkness clouds your vision. God’s way is the best way. Follow Jesus and read The Holy Bible. Manashantii

Keep on Thanking God, Bless and Praise God as often as you can. Manashantii

Christianity is about practising obedience and submission to God and His laws, it is important to have growing faith and develop a healthy relationship with God. Manashantii

Heavenly Father regarding my faith and walk with you help me to be righteous and uncompromising and excel in everything I say and do for your glory. Manashantii

Always ask God to forgive your known and unknown sins through prayer daily. Manashantii

My sin has been exchanged for God’s righteousness. I am saved and restored in Jesus’ Name.  Manashantii

Real power is serving and loving God and each other. Manashantii

I fight all battles in the Spirit realm through prayer and by praising the Lord. Having a strong relationship with God and being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Manashantii

Heavenly Father I pray that you influence my feelings and all of my soul. Manashantii

Praising God heals your soul and keeps you in the Spirit realm. Manashantii

The Holy Bible is true complete knowledge it is Spiritual knowledge. Be guided by God’s righteous wisdom. Faith and Obedience to God is important. Loving God and others should be your priority. Manashantii

Stop doing things because you are being ruled by fleshly world views. As a Christian you are no longer a slave to the flesh, because you are a renewed anointed Spirit creature; so do what is right with God and be guided by God’s righteous example. Manashantii

Prayer is being solution focused and honouring God. Manashantii

Ponder and meditate on the word of God, absorb what you have read. Ask God to show you how to walk in your purpose. Manashantii

The Holy Bible is a friend that reveals to you God’s words and thoughts. Manashantii

The law of Moses was made obsolete by Jesus. Jesus is my High Priest, mediator, Servant Leader and sinless sacrifice. Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament laws. The Royal Law or Law of Christ is to have faith in God and have selfless love. Manashantii

What is your purpose in life? Know that God’s power will guide you through your pain. Read the Holy Bible, pray, praise God and also submit to God. Write down your thoughts and feelings and goals and plans in your journal. Manashantii

Discipline yourself in order to let your spirit be stronger and in control of your flesh. Manashantii

Feelings does not indicate the state of your spirit. Manashantii

The Spirit of God is in favour of the true believers. Manashantii

The truth about mankind is written in the Holy Bible. Only God has supreme knowledge of the soul and Spirit. God is mightier than I and is worthy of worship and praise. Manashantii

God does love you, and in God we find the love that we are looking for. Manashantii

Praise God. Thank God. Pray in normal language. Pray (using) scripture. Pray in the Spirit (Pray in tongues). Read the Holy Bible. Write down Bible verses in your journal. Manashantii

Be aware of sin, sin not and be willing to love God at all costs. Pursue righteousness. Manashantii

Change your mind set ; let go off worshipping God out of duty, guilt and obligation; be in an emotional state where you desire to love, admire and adore God. Have faith and trust in God. Manashantii

Be Spirit led and spiritually grow. Put to death the deeds of the flesh. It is important to be spiritually right with the Holy Spirit and the LORD. To be psychologically balanced but spiritually dead means that you have no future. Put God first. Manashantii

Live in the Spirit, put to death the deeds of the flesh and you will live. Be Spirit led and bear fruits from the Spirit. Manashantii

Personal experience and continued practice at developing your skills increases self-confidence, also pray for God to give you strength to believe in Him because God’s strength is more powerful than any man. Keep on believing in Him. Manashantii

Read the Holy Bible and hear God’s words come to fruition. Read and hear the Holy Bible and you will know God’s truth. When you know God’s truth then your faith will greatly grow. Manashantii

The lies you tell are curses that you place on yourself. Fear, guilt and shame are self inflicted torture wounds. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Success is the ability to experience God’s love and be at peace with yourself. Be spiritually right with the LORD. Manashantii 

Forgiveness is spiritual warfare against the devil and negativity; forgiveness is also a process of cleansing your heart which helps you to relate to God. Never stop forgiving, never stop loving; God judges you by your emotional state of being. Manashantii

Gratitude increases optimism, optimism affects you spiritually. Manashantii

Desire a relationship with God and trust in God. When you submit to God your Spiritual relationship with God improves. Surrender your heart to God. Manashantii

When we call on the Holy Name of Jesus His presence brings supernatural power into the situation; obey what the Holy Spirit tells you; He will guide you and deliver you. Obey His will and honour God. Trust God. Manashantii

Trust God. Know God through the Holy Bible; fearlessly stand still and confidently wait for His presence. Manashantii

The Holy Bible reveals God’s will and helps us to relate to God. Manashantii

Believe in the God of the Holy Bible, understand the themes and messages from the Holy Bible and trust that God can do miracles in your life. Manashantii

Focus on the future and remember that the Spiritual realm is deeper than the psychological. Manashantii

Whether you realise it or not your mind nature is self centred and selfish; consider other people’s needs, but at the same time respect yourself; relate to God and be morally mature. Manashantii

Even the kindest person can still be too self centred and selfish; relate to God. Manashantii

You can’t face the future with both feet in the past. Learn to accept the past experience(s) and forgive those who are involved including yourself. Find strength from God by praying and reading the Holy Bible. Manashantii

Fight for change, the determined succeed. Manashantii

Your life experiences affects the psychological and Spiritual nature of your heart. Your physical behaviour  has  consequences in the Spirit realm. Manashantii

The Holy Bible is like a mirror that reveals God’s will. Manashantii

With prayer and reading the Holy Bible even difficult decisions are easy to make with God’s help. Manashantii


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