My Tweets 10

Tweets 10 written by Manashantii. Saturday 22nd June 2019

Letting go off my desires that can never be fulfilled allows me to become peaceful in the present moment. I release and let go off debilitating attachments of the past, letting go helps me to heal, forgive and love. Manashantii (Journal entry 1999)

The best confidence is confidence based on knowledge and understanding (realisation) and practice(experience) Manashantii (journal entry 1999)

Whether you realise it or not your mind nature is self centred and selfish; consider other people’s needs, but at the same time respect yourself; relate to God and be morally mature. Manashantii

Even the kindest person can still be too self centred and selfish; relate to God. Manashantii

You can’t face the future with both feet in the past. Learn to accept the past experience(s) and forgive those who are involved including yourself. Find strength from God by praying and reading the Holy Bible. Manashantii

Fight for change, the determined succeed. Manashantii

Your life experiences affects the psychological and Spiritual nature of your heart. Manashantii

The Holy Bible is like a mirror that reveals God’s will. Manashantii

With prayer and reading the Holy Bible even difficult decisions are easy to make with God’s help. Manashantii


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