My Tweets 11

Friday 3rd of January 2020. My Tweets 11. Written by Manashantii.



Learn to pause, reflect and respond, not react. Listen to God, Trust and experience your heart and connect to the Holy Spirit. Manashantii

The devil possesses and influences people; always pray against the negative spirits within people, do not pray against the person. Manashantii

Love and serve God. Know who you are as a Christian, know who Christ is in you. Acknowledge the sovereignty of God. Manashantii

Thanksgiving is different from praise. Thanksgiving is showing gratitude to God for what He has done for you or other people. Praise is expressing blessings, love, respect and appreciation to God. Manashantii

Know that if you are a Christian that you trust in a God of wisdom. Manashantii

The reason God created me is for the purpose of relationship with God. Practice thanksgiving and praise God. Worship and praise God. Manashantii

God gives us His unending love, we in return give our unending faith and worship Him by building up a strong relationship with God. Manashantii

Heavenly Father I release my heart to You as I pray. Manashantii

Heavenly Father please give me the Grace to set my mind on things above. Help me to focus all my senses on You. God anything that will distract me, please take away from me and help me to focus on You. Manashantii

Be sensitive to the leading of God’s Spirit. Humble self and respond in love. Manashantii

Have faith, serve one another, sacrifice and be loving, kind and giving. Manashantii

God is faithful and fulfills all His promises. Manashantii

Heavenly Father help me to understand the past and make sense of my past experiences; help me to see things with the eyes of Your (God’s) Spirit. I know that forgiveness creates resolution and healing. Manashantii

Take time to know God, trust and believe in God and praise God. Manashantii

Develop a deeper spiritual heart worship, offer to God a powerful worship because this moulds your spirit, and creates a process which causes healing and this shapes your soul and inner being. Manashantii

Christianity is a Process of Spiritual, psychological, social and emotional transformation. Manashantii

I am on a process of Spiritual, psychological, social and emotional transformation. Manashantii

When you have a problem, read the Holy Bible to give you the solution and comfort. Trust in the Holy Bible and trust in the Holy Trinity. Manashantii

Christianity helps you to develop your moral character and build your Spiritual integrity. Receive blessings from God, gain wisdom from the Holy Bible and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Manashantii

You learn the most when you read and listen and observe. Talking about yourself only makes you see what is inside of you. Inside is always smaller than outside. Manashantii

Walk with Jesus respond in worship and praise. Manashantii

When making decisions use the Holy Bible and be guided by the Holy Spirit. The more you use this method the easier it becomes. Manashantii

When making decisions you need God’s wisdom. What are your priorities and responsibilities? Know when to enforce boundaries and when to say no without feeling guilty. What are your expectations? Manashantii

Everyday I live my life for Jesus more and more, by learning the meaning of the Holy Bible and praying. I also learn to increase my faith in God moment by moment every day. Manashantii

God’s love stands firm forever. His loving kindness surrounds me like a shield, He guides my path and He is my strength. He is stronger than my enemies. Praise God for He is righteous. Manashantii

Telling the truth and knowing the truth creates a feeling of liberation. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. Manashantii

Real faith is not knowing the outcome of something but still having faith in God and relying on God. Manashantii

Worship and prayer is a weapon of faith. Study and meditate on the Word of God. Obedience draws us nearer to God. Manashantii

Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, worship The Father in Spirit and in truth. Build your faith in God. Give more time to God. Manashantii

Your Spiritual antennae needs to connect and tune into God we achieve this by reading God’s Word the Holy Bible, by praying in the Spirit (which is speaking in tongues) and praying in the normal language also. Manashantii

Your life has to be in line with the Word of God. This must be your top priority in your life. The Holy Spirit is what helps us to understand God. The Spiritual breath of God makes the Holy Bible come to life. Be active and live in the Word of God. Manashantii

Life can be a battle, forgiveness helps you to overcome life’s challenges, obstacles and the past. Examine your thoughts and actions. Read The Holy Bible, pray and rely on God to help you let go off the past and release the pain in your heart. Manashantii

The enemy does things to wound your soul and make you bitter, stay focused on healing yourself with the help from God, ask God to give you wisdom and patience, act and respond from a place of understanding and love. Manashantii

Do what is good and is the perfect will of God, this will give you peace of mind. Manashantii

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