Christianity versus Psychologies. Written by Manashantii of    Wednesday 25th March 2015

2.Faith in God and self-acceptance
4.Worship God and pray

6. Experience Spiritual World

7.Personal relationship with God
12.Solution focused.
13.Present and future focused
15.Processing thoughts, feelings & memories.
16.Perfect Love
17. Trust and Hope in God
18.Perfecting your Relationship with the world.
19.Spiritual Discernment
21.God is Father
22.Jesus is my equal friend
23.Holy Spirit is our friend
24. The Holy Bible challenges you to be a better person

25. … Is a Process of healing, undoing or reversing Trans-generational curse(s)

1. Motives
2.Mental illness analysis
3. Confidence in Self.

4. Self exaltation.
5. Self-Esteem
6. Self- Discovery
7. Motivation
8. Is Buddhism disguised with a scientific explanation

9.Material world

10. Emotional Experience is the most important thing.

11. Mind and Behaviour assessment
12. Pathologisation of people and self
13. Unforgiveness
14. Blame others
15. Problem focused
16. Past focused
17. Suffering
18. Processing thoughts, feelings & memories
19. Tender Loving Care
20. Faith in Self progress
21. Sex and sexuality focused
22. Instincts and Perception
23. Regret and Blame
24. Therapist is your unequal friend
25. You are your friend
26. Psychotherapist agrees with your negative feelings and encourages unforgiveness

27. Psychotherapy is New Age disguised as scientific

28. Therapeutic Alliance

29. Experiential learning

30. Diagnostic skills

31. Boundaries

32. Trans-generational Trauma

33. Client’s insight develops with time

34. Questioning skills

35. Human Behaviour

36. Understanding

37. Perception

38. Biochemistry of emotions

39. Abuse

40. Addiction.

41. Memory

42. Unconscious