11th May 2013. Written by Manashantii

Envy is feeling insecure of something material that a person possesses like a car or a house etc..

When you feel jealous you tend to compare yourself and compete with the person you are jealous of. You may feel deprived of love and as a result you may lack inner security, self worth, and may be self-centred. A jealous person can also feel possessive, distrustful, angry, anxious and threatened.

A jealous person may not be communicating their feelings to the person that they distrust. Jealous feelings are in actuality fear (anxiety) mixed with angry feeling undertones, and feelings of blame attached this is because the person feels they are a victim and that injustice has occurred.

Find out what is the true cause of your jealousy. Give up blaming others and comparing yourself with others and competing with the person or people you are jealous of. Follow your own standards not other people’s goals. Appreciate yourself, value your strengths, accept yourself for what you are and what you have acquired in your life. Learn Self-Acceptance and Gratitude for what you have. Love yourself. Forgiving those who hurt you means that you don’t live in the past. Forgive even if it is not your fault. Repent even if it is not your fault. Make a better future for yourself. Don’t dwell on the past. Do not let people’s actions dictate your self worth.

I suggest that you read my “how to overcome anger” article.

Jealousy is an emotional message to you that you are in pain and need to nurture yourself. Jealous feelings dis-empowers your faith in yourself (confidence) and your love of yourself and acceptance of who you are and what you possess (self-esteem). Think about ways you can heal yourself and care for yourself. Jealousy fractures your relationship with God. If you feel jealous and envy it means you are existing in a sinful nature (and are therefore meeting fleshly desires) and not walking in the Spirit of love. Pray for the person you are jealous of or envious of, ask God to help you heal and let go off the pain in your heart.

I am writing this as short as possible in hope that you will reflect on what I have written.

Bible verses to read.

Galatians 5 v16-v21

Galatians 5 v26

Romans 8v1-17

Proverbs 27v4

James 3v13-v18