Letting go off past religion. Tuesday 19th December 2017.  Written by Manashantii  

If you have been in a religion or religions other than Christianity you will need to put the past behind you. Close the door to idolatry in your heart and in your spirit. All the things you were emotionally attached to you must let go off in your mind, will and emotions which is in your soul. You hold on to the past and negative thoughts by what you believe.

Write a list of books you have read and pray over the list and pray over the books. Then safely destroy the books and the list of books. Fast if you can. Pray about the books you are letting go off. Pray for protection and strength to not be tempted ever again.

Pray using Psalm 51 in the Holy Bible, Psalm 51 is used for when you have sinned greatly against God, it is a prayer of repentance. Pray for forgiveness from God and pray with a repentant heart.

In the Holy Bible, King Asa of Judah ruled for 41 years and in his 36th year to his 41st year he became an atheist. His last five years alive he became an atheist. King Asa was a strong believer in God and worshipped God for 35 years and backslid in his 36th year never to return to Judaism. King Asa became ill with a disease of the feet, he did not seek help from God through prayer and worship, instead he sought a doctor’s help. King Asa of Judah died in his sins. Don’t turn away from God.

See :- 2 Chronicles 14v1-2 Chronicles 16v14

1 Kings 15v9-24