My Tweets 9

My Tweets 9. Written by Manashantii   1st September 2018

God is blessing me with Spiritual blessings the comfort of Jesus is beyond words. Manashantii

When you follow and worship Jesus, you gain Spiritual blessings. Manashantii

A grateful and humble Christian is a blessed Christian. Manashantii

Salvation is the biggest transition we can experience. Manashantii

Transitions helps us to learn about our strengths. Manashantii

Change gives us a chance to reflect, it is a time for renewal and stability. Manashantii

Life transitions can be a positive experience. Manashantii

Have patience the Holy Spirit will lead you. Trust God with all your heart. Manashantii

Read motivating Bible scriptures aloud and declare it. Express gratitude to God. Manashantii

Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for you are excellent and your way is perfect. I bless your Holy Name. Manashantii

Don’t nurture hurts. We must endure our experiences for we are destined to have a great testimony. Manashantii

Heavenly Father reveal to me the areas that I need to change. In Jesus Name. Amen. Manashantii

Holy Spirit purify my heart. Manashantii

Hard times are a test of love and commitment. Pray. God is listening and will guide you. Manashantii

Everyday is a Holy day unto the LORD. Manashantii

Believe in the Holy Bible, pray and evangelise to souls. Manashantii

Put your trust and confidence in God. Manashantii

Be Spirit led, speak wise thoughts or keep quiet. Know when to speak. Speak with humility. Do not be proud. Manashantii




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