My Tweets 9

My Tweets 9. Written by Manashantii   1st September 2018


Always maintain a heart-mind-soul of repentance and forgiveness and always trusting in the LORD. Manashantii

The heart and mind and soul of a Christian should be like a mirror that reflects the Word of God. Manashantii

Whatever religion you believe in, you will be growing and spiritually building yourself up in that belief; your religious beliefs determine where you go eternally when you die. Your lifetime is all you have to find the truth. Tomorrow is not promised. Manashantii

This is true success:- *Be responsible always. *Psychologically leave home and let go off the past. *Be a master of your emotions and thoughts. Manashantii

Are you able to have a deep Spiritual emotional and psychological connection with God? Are you able to have a deep Spiritual, psychological and emotional connection with yourself? Are you able to build a healthy psychological connection with others? Manashantii

Build your relationship with God and examine your inner life with God. Manashantii

The way you care for yourself, relate to yourself, and parent yourself will reflect the boundaries you create with others. Manashantii

Become boundaried and psychologically responsible parent to yourself. Don’t be led by your inner child Manashantii

Control self, not others. Be logical and Holy Spirit led. Tune into your Spirit and your body. Manashantii

Nothing heals more than self-reflection, crying, forgiveness and laughing, if you can cry, laugh, love, forgive, respect yourself and self-reflect everyday then you are master of your emotions and master of yourself. Manashantii

De-stress by using your creative outlets and then forgive. Manashantii

When you are stressed do the following :- Be Christ directed, pray, praise God, walk, exercise, make plans, think about new ideas, and drink water. Manashantii

I don’t look back because I am not my past experiences, with the help of God my eyes are focused on the future. Manashantii

Do try to push yourself to try new things. Manashantii

Deny yourself of the carnal, for the benefit of others and for God. What will you give up and what will you sacrifice?  Manashantii

Prayer strengthens your faith and develops your spiritual walk with God. Manashantii

The emotional and the spiritual are interlinked and are crucial to the well-being of a person. Manashantii

Honour yourself, respect yourself, trust your instincts, don’t be ruled by negative feelings. Be Holy Spirit directed.  Manashantii

Believe, pray and fast. Manashantii

Be present centred, pray more with fearless confidence and know that God is Master, trust in Him and worry not about tomorrow. Manashantii

Heavenly Father you are my master, I am an instrument of your righteousness. Manashantii

Develop your spiritual relationship with God. Manashantii

Forgiveness is important, pray for your enemies. Bring sinners to the LORD. Do not be carnal. Manashantii

Experiential knowledge of God supercedes the theory of God. The people In the Holy Bible experienced God. Be spiritual have a relationship with God. Manashantii

Christianity is about Spiritual transformation, relationship building with God and preparing eternal security with God. Manashantii

I am saved therefore I am blessed and forgiven, I will be delivered by the Blood of Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost Fire. Manashantii

I am redeemed and delivered through the Blood of Jesus Christ. I gladly sacrifice my life for God to worship Him and evangelise to others. I am free from the Old Testament curse of The Law, I am under New Testament Grace and therefore I am forgiven and protected. Manashantii

I believe and know  am loved by God, I am forgiven, blessed and saved by grace. Manashantii

Church should be educational as well as worship and a social event. Manashantii

Praise is a weapon for spiritual warfare. Manashantii

Your faith is like a seed. Praise is like water. The Holy Bible is like the sun. Worship is the soil and you are merged with the soil. This combination together will make you spiritually grow. Be confident in God. Manashantii

I lovingly obey God and live righteously for Him, I am His servant and everyday Jesus’ blood is purifying me. Manashantii

I choose to be a slave to God obeying Him; my goal is righteously living in Harmony with God. Manashantii

Jesus Christ is my advocate, He is my redeemer and He forgives me. I turn away from sinning. Manashantii

The reward for continual faith and obedience in God is eternal life and blessings. Manashantii

Reflect and evaluate have faith and obey God. Manashantii

Life experiences are a test of the heart. Keep your heart pure and at peace. Being over sensitive kills your peace of mind. Manashantii

When someone is speaking and seems to be criticizing you, remember that most people don’t mean to hurt your feelings, be humble and examine yourself. Manashantii

The more humble and understanding we become the easier it is to forgive. The more judgemental we are the harder it is to let go off hurt feelings. Manashantii

Not everyone will understand you, but you have to forgive everyone who doesn’t understand you. Manashantii

Without constructive criticism you would not grow and change enough. Manashantii

Build a healthy relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Know your identity in Christ. Manashantii

Your conscience must be at peace with God. Have an attitude that commits to God, be a believer who continually puts his or her faith in God. Manashantii

God is blessing me with Spiritual blessings the comfort of Jesus is beyond words. Manashantii

When you follow and worship Jesus, you gain Spiritual blessings. Manashantii

A grateful and humble Christian is a blessed Christian. Manashantii

Salvation is the biggest transition we can experience. Manashantii

Transitions helps us to learn about our strengths. Manashantii

Change gives us a chance to reflect, it is a time for renewal and stability. Manashantii

Life transitions can be a positive experience. Manashantii

Have patience the Holy Spirit will lead you. Trust God with all your heart. Manashantii

Read motivating Bible scriptures aloud and declare it. Express gratitude to God. Manashantii

Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for you are excellent and your way is perfect. I bless your Holy Name. Manashantii

Don’t nurture hurts. We must endure our experiences for we are destined to have a great testimony. Manashantii

Heavenly Father reveal to me the areas that I need to change. In Jesus Name. Amen. Manashantii

Holy Spirit purify my heart. Manashantii

Hard times are a test of love and commitment. Pray. God is listening and will guide you. Manashantii

Everyday is a Holy day unto the LORD. Manashantii

Believe in the Holy Bible, pray and evangelise to souls. Manashantii

Put your trust and confidence in God. Manashantii

Be Spirit led, speak wise thoughts or keep quiet. Know when to speak. Speak with humility. Do not be proud. Manashantii

Offer a praise offering to God. Forgive others. Repent for your sins. Have gratitude to God. Manashantii

Christianity is about having faith, love and peace and being Spirit led. Obeying God and following what the Holy Bible commands. Manashantii

Satan’s kingdom is ruled by fear, hatred, guilt, pain and deception. Manashantii

Depend on God. Trust God’s promises. Focus on building a relationship with the Holy Spirit including the Holy Trinity. Manashantii

The Holy Bible communicates God’s heart. Let the Holy Bible minister to you. God has love for the broken and broken-hearted. Manashantii


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