Unhealthy Boundaries. Written By Manashantii  Friday 9th August 2013

Setting healthy boundaries is  a skill that develops with time as you practice. You are prone to abuse if you are have the following :-

1. Inability to recognise abusive behaviour.

2. Unassertive and unable to communicate your required boundaries.

3. Easily manipulated.

4. Easily made to feel guilty even when it is not your fault.

5. Inability to set personal boundaries very well. ( Especially with opposite the sex)

6. Extremely kind person with a strong good behaviour sub-personality.

7. Too friendly with the opposite sex.

8. Befriends mentally unstable men/women or both sexes.

9. Bad judge of character and also unable to assess and unable to differentiate the signs of a mentally unhealthy person.

10. Passivity in nature and or submissive personality.

11.  If  your parent /(s) or adult figures were too protective (unhealthy enmeshment) when you were a teenager and didn’t encourage responsibility and assertiveness in you.

12. If your parent/ (s) were too emotionally detached and unable to emotionally connect with you. (Detachment)

Boundaries need to be taught to children and teenagers by parents in the family setting and or by teachers or Psychotherapists. Predators always breech boundaries, victims tend to not know how to set boundaries. Listen to your Spirit and your intuition. Learn to gain respect from others. Build trust slowly in your relationships.


 Written by Manashantii