My Tweets 12

My Tweets 12. Written by Manashantii. 5th April 2021

Believing in God and praying are exercises of your spirit responding to the Lordship of Christ, which signifies your unity with God and makes you born of God. Manashantii

Christianity is about building a relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and using God’s word and wisdom to understand all of your soul and spiritual processes communicated through practicing forgiveness and acknowledging God’s Grace daily. Manashantii

The nature of love is that love grants freedom and with liberty comes risk. God is loving and gives us free-will. Manashantii

Spirit of God please give me revelation. God please speak to me through the Holy Spirit into my spirit. God speak to me through the Holy Bible. Manashantii

Love is the driving force for healing. Love helps us to forgive. Love in Christianity is different to love in other religions.


Go beyond believing in God, know God’s love. Believe. Ask God to help your unbelief. Manashantii See:- Mark 9v24

Most knowledge requires faith and experience to gain understanding. Without faith, experience and understanding it is impossible to make sense of knowledge. Manashantii

Experience God’s love. Manashantii

Buddhism is about trying to find stillness, peace of mind and salvation through the self. Christianity is assurance that we have salvation and relationship with God through prayer, praise, worship and reading the Holy Bible. Manashantii

The aim of life is to forgive one another. Be forgiven. Take the opportunity to know God more deeply. and to rectify our sins by our actions, with the help of The Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and by reading the Holy Bible and applying it to life. Manashantii

We are in a spiritual war, make sensible decisions. Think about your salvation and inheritance in heaven. Manashantii

Make decisions with strong confidence. Manashantii

Stand on God’s promises, not your feelings. Manashantii

Serve the Living God of the Holy Bible and know the truth which is the Holy Spirit, the Blood of Jesus will cleanse you. Worship the God of the Holy Bible and He will save your soul. Manashantii

Denounce false religions everyday. Manashantii

Believe and Declare that Jesus Christ is the Son of God everyday. Manashantii.

Self-motivation builds self-confidence and self-discipline. Manashantii

If you lie the devil knows that he has trapped you. If you lie you can’t hide the truth from God. Manashantii

Money and status should not define you. Manashantii

Confidence comes naturally with experience. Manashantii

Be solution focused, your goal should be to actively create a positive result and to keep blaming to a minimum. Manashantii

Pray to be free of fleshly habits and desires, let go off soulish or emotional attachments. Praying and fasting helps to reveal insights into you. Manashantii

Increased faith in Christ brings sanctification. Manashantii

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