Buddhism. Written by Manashantii the Christian. (An ex-Buddhist) Saturday 14th May 2022.

Buddhism encourages the follower to be morally good and compassionate in heart but the Buddhist have no knowledge of God and the Holy Spirit. Buddhists practice compassion, humility and kindness but have no relationship with God The Father, Jesus The Son Of God and The Holy Spirit; neither do they understand that God sacrificed His Blood for them and all of mankind so that they can go to heaven. Buddhists have a strong mind-set based on works and good actions but have no concept or understanding that there is a God who is more loving than any human. Buddhists practice compassion, equanimity, empathy and loving-kindness but do not realise that God died for them.

Buddhists have difficulty grasping the idea of eternal life and an eternal life with the God of the universe. The key themes in Christianity are Forgiveness, spiritual discernment, Unconditional love, Jesus The Son, Sacrifice, the Blood of Jesus and eternal life. Age can make it difficult to change your belief, but by constant prayer and faith it is possible to change your belief.

True self-esteem is knowing that God loves you unconditionally, yet respecting and not abusing this privilege and loving others unconditionally builds your self-esteem; loving behaviour shows a reflection of a small bit of God.

Christianity encourages the impossible to become possible through God. Christianity encourages you to be Optimistic and Trust God. Anoint your head with oil making the form of the cross. Pray a prayer of repentance and renounce your past religion; pray in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Blood of Jesus. Affirm that you belong to the body and the precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

If you choose to follow the Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour you will have to do these things:-

1. Believe in God The Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit (which are called The Trinity) and put your trust in The Trinity. Have a relationship with God, talk to God by praying, singing, reading The Holy Bible, put God first.

2. Be Holy Spirit led. This includes praying in The Holy Spirit. Praising God. Singing Christian songs. Reading The Holy Bible.

3. Have faith in the Trinity ( God The Father, Jesus Christ The Son and The Holy Spirit )

4. Live your life according to The Holy Bible’s moral standards, especially The New Testament part of the Holy Bible, which is God’s moral standards. The Holy Bible is Spiritual food and gives life to the soul and spirit. The book of Proverbs is full of Wisdom.

5. Read as much of The Holy Bible as you can everyday even if you begin by reading a little amount everyday it is fine, but make it a daily habit, this will be good. The Holy Bible is Spiritual food and your Spirit Guide. Learn more about Christianity everyday. Begin with the story of Jesus in The Gospels which is called the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, also read the book of Psalms and the book of Proverbs.

6. Let go off any bad feelings you have of God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, let go off any negative judgement or blame; know that God is on your Good Heavenly Father.

7. Forgive those who hurt you or let you down; for it is not good for you to carry bitterness in your heart. Forgive yourself and learn to be loving to yourself and be loving to others.

8. Find a good Christian Spirit-filled denomination church I recommend a strong Bible teaching Spirit-Filled church perhaps Non Denominational, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Relational Mission, New Frontiers, Born-Again Christian, Baptist or Methodist church. Then Get baptised. When you become a believer and have faith in God; you can then begin to take Holy Communion.

Manashantii the Christian

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