Places In The Holy Bible. Written by Manashantii. Sunday 3rd June 2018 This is an unfinished article, please check back at a later date.


Places In Greece

1.Thessalonki also known as Thessalonica in the book called Thessalonians

2. Ephesus in the book of Ephesians

3. Galatia = book of Galatians

4. Corinth=  book of Corinthians

5. Philippi = book of Philippians

6. Athens

7. Kos /Cos is an island in Greece= book of Luke  and Acts

8. Laodicea = Book of Revelation = Greece

9. Macedonia in the Holy Bible is in North and Central Greece.


Places In Turkey

1. Smyrna is in the book of Revelation

2. Thyatira is in Revelation 2v18


Places in Italy.

1. Rhegium is in the book of Acts.


Places in Cyprus

1. Cyprus is now neighbouring Greece


Places In Iraq




4. Akkadian


Places In Iran

1.Persia is the old name for Iran


Places in Syria

1. Aram= Arameans spoke Aramaic and are from Syria.


Places In Israel




Places in Libya.

1.Put is in Libya

2. Cyrene was a town in Libya. (Simon of Cyrene) Acts 13v1

3. Lucius of Cyrene  See Acts 13v1


Niger, Chad, Nigeria.

1. Simeon that was called Niger was from River Niger area, (possibly now a small part of what is now Chad,) Niger or Nigeria which means brown. See Acts 13v1



1. Ethiopia comes from the word Aithops which means ” dark skinned”