My Tweets 11

Friday 3rd of January 2020. My Tweets 11. Written by Manashantii.   Live by the World, (Worldliness) or live by the words of the Living Word (God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible) Manashantii Christianity offers a unique relationship with … Continued

My Tweets 10

Tweets 10 written by Manashantii. Saturday 22nd June 2019     Fasting properly is Fasting in the flesh and feasting in the Spirit realm with the Word of God is the Holy Bible; submit your flesh and strengthen your Spirit. … Continued

My Tweets 9

My Tweets 9. Written by Manashantii   1st September 2018   Always maintain a heart-mind-soul of repentance and forgiveness and always trusting in the LORD. Manashantii The heart and mind and soul of a Christian should be like a mirror that … Continued

My Tweets 8

My tweets 8. Written by Manashantii. Thursday 1st September 2016 Christians are God’s channel of change, breakthrough and blessings. Manashantii                                          … Continued

My Tweets 7

My Tweets 7. Written By Manashantii.   From Thursday 31st March 2016 to —– May 2016 If s/he doesn’t love God, s/he cannot love you the way you deserve. Let go off this idol. Love God firstly. Have faith in God. … Continued

My Tweets 6

My Tweets 6. By Manashantii Wednesday 30th March 2016 The word of God purifies and restrengthens your soul, spirit and body. The word of God nourishes and matures the human spirit. Manashantii It is better to know The Supreme Truth … Continued

My Tweets 5

My Tweets 5 All Twitter tweets Written By Manashantii Monday 29th February 2016 Holy Spirit, teach me to grow Spiritually. Help me to experience the fullness of Your affection. In Jesus Name,Amen. Manashantii Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your everlasting … Continued

My Tweets number 4

My Twitter Tweets Number 4. All Written By Manashantii Friday 26th February 2016 Be Holy Spirit lead not heart led. Manashantii Heavenly Father, Thank you for the eternal love you offer us. In Jesus Name Amen. Manashantii  Jesus is Lord. … Continued

My Tweets number 3

My Twitter Tweets Number 3. Written by Manashantii  Thursday 25th February 2016 The condition of my heart is like good soil that germinates the Holy Bible in me. God please sow your Word in me. Mould me. Manashantii In all … Continued

My Tweets number 2

My Twitter tweets 2. All tweets Written by Manashantii Monday 22nd February 2016 Dear God, I accept the forgiveness you offer me by dying on the cross. I worship you now and forever, we are reunited. Manashantii I am of … Continued