How to Read, Study and Worship. Written by Manashantii. 4th June 2018


1. Read 4 verses to 4 chapters maximum a day of the Holy Bible if you are a beginner.

Read 4 to 10 chapters in the Holy Bible a day if you are advanced.

2. Writing= Write 500 words to 2,000 words per day.

3. Read your journal notes. Re-Read and Re-Read.

4. Read Christian books that increases your knowledge and faith.

5. Write down your Reflections and Insights in your journal.

6. Speak Praises. Praise God with your mouth from your own thoughts.

Sing Praises.

7. Sing Christian songs and Hymns.

8. Pray using the scriptures.

9. Ask God everything and tell God everything. Talk to God.

10. Pray from your own thoughts and feelings.

11. Memorise scriptures.

12. What are your observations and insights from what you have read?

Write down what you have read in your journal.

Paraphrase what you have read.

Apply God’s word.

Read, think deeply on, reflect and Pray.

Re-Read and remember scripture.

Write down your inner responses in your journal.

Write down your dreams, goals and gratitudes in your journal.

Write down answered prayers.

13. Pray.

Praise and Worship.

Read the Word.

Listen to what God says.

Observe your inner responses.

Reflect and Pray.

Pray in the Holy Spirit.

Prayer walk (Walk and pray)