Prosperity Gospel Written By Manashantii. Tuesday 16th June 2015

People who are suffering desire miracles.The “Word Of Faith Movement” promotes the prosperity gospel. The prosperity gospel gives people the wrong goals to aim for in their Christian walk. Understanding the meaning of the books in the Bible helps build your relationship with God. True Christianity is about having a personal relationship with God.

In Matthew 16 v24 Jesus says to his disciples ” If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways and take up your cross, and follow me.” The Holy Bible, New Living Translation

Most Pentecostal churches are “Word of Faith” Movement. It is a movement that exalts man as equal to God. The “Word Of Faith” movement originates from Metaphysical cults, New Age and Gnosticism.

People should not go to church because of healing and miracles, you should go to church because you want to know God and nothing else.